Monday, May 01, 2006

So much for liberal bias

I am really curious. How many of you hear of Colbert's performance at the White House Saturday night from a major media source? Could I just be blind?


gawker said...

I actually heard it on CNN sunday morning, from the black guy and the Asian female but they focussed more on Bush's insipid comedy act (which they found to be funny for some reason) rather than on Colbert's sterling performance which got a mere mention.

Patrix said...

I got it off Boing Boing, which can be said to be liberal. Anyway, must admit that guy has guts to roast Bush right there.

Veena said...

CG, Patrix: Exactly my point. Even the Times only had a mention of Colbert's performance. It could be that the mainstream media didn't know how to react to something like that but I cannot believe they ignored it altogether.