Friday, June 15, 2007 of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset

Obama on the cry of the muezzin

Having had the pleasure (recently) of looking over this walled city at sunset while the cry went out, one tends to agree.

Bad, bad picture, I know. Please to go shout at MR. She was supposed to be the photographer and she has no pictures of the Fes old city!

Anyway, to make up for that one, here's a couple of nice ones. The first one is the view from the same terrace but of the other side outside the medinah walls. Second is the riad where we stayed and from whose terrace pictures were shot. (Courtesy MR.)

Friday, June 08, 2007

I dreamt of M. Moreau

Last night. Andre-Louis, yes. After a long, long time. So moi didn't go to work. Moi spent day with Gutenberg. Yeah, I know. But what to do? Moi isn't as blessed as she with her ten thousand copies of Scaramouche. Life isn't fair. I know.