Friday, October 27, 2006

Links for the day

AO Scott on Babel:

In the end “Babel,” like that tower in the book of Genesis, is a grand wreck, an incomplete monument to its own limitless ambition. But it is there, on the landscape, a startling and imposing reality. It’s a folly, and also, perversely, a wonder.

Now, to wait for the pirates!

Pamuk on 30 years of writing:

For what is a novel but a story that fills its sails with these winds, that answers and builds upon inspirations that blow in from unknown quarters and seizes upon all the daydreams we've invented for our diversion, bringing them together into a meaningful whole? Above all, a novel is a basket that carries inside it a dreamworld we wish to keep forever alive, and forever ready. Novels are held together by the little pieces of daydreams that help us, from the moment we enter them, forget the tedious world we long to escape. The more we write, the richer these dreams become; and the more we write, that second world inside the basket becomes broader, more detailed, more complete. We come to know this world through writing, and the better we know it, the easier it is to carry it around in our heads. If I am in the middle of a novel and writing well, I can enter easily into its dreams.


The Black Mamba said...

on babel:
was it the same review that called Crash an "undergraduate term-paper" on racial issues,in comparison to Babel? or some place else..

anyway, with Iñárritu, Bernal and eye-candy(scratch that) Pitt - its not like you thought this would discourage the likes of me from watching this movie :)

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