Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lessons learnt this week

1.)When you see £1,100 next to a S Kensington studio, please to multiply by 4.3 before jumping up and down with joy.

2.)A postdoc spouse who commutes to Cambridge is a liability as the money he makes is not enough to cover his transportation cost.

3.)Try conning said spouse to take up a Canary Wharf/City job failing which throw him into the Thames.

4.)If you cannot get rid of him, take the following test. Are you A) Royalty B) Diplomat C) I-banker or D) None of the above? If you answered D, you shouldn't really attempt to live in London.

5.)Gall stones do not need to be removed. Next time someone tells you that you have gall stones in your gall bladder, do NOT cancel air tcikets to Vietnam and hotel reservations at Siem Reap.


Falstaff said...

I think that's unfair. Post-doc husbands are not supposed to be financially useful. The whole point of marrying an academic is to add that whiff of intellectual rigour to the drawing room you're paying the rent on. You should know this by now.

The Black Mamba said...

amen! (to the gall stone lessons).

post-docs - hmm, sigh, if one is D) anyway, how does it matter what one does.

Veena said...

Falstaff: Drawing room? More like pantry which has enough of intellectual rigour and probably cannot take more. All the more reason to throw him out.

BM: Don't remind me!