Friday, June 08, 2007

I dreamt of M. Moreau

Last night. Andre-Louis, yes. After a long, long time. So moi didn't go to work. Moi spent day with Gutenberg. Yeah, I know. But what to do? Moi isn't as blessed as she with her ten thousand copies of Scaramouche. Life isn't fair. I know.


Space Bar said...

Heh! Wish I had ten thousand. I'd read every one of 'em. But shall give you one numbers copy whn, if we meet.

Saw Pirates 3 the other day, and am fishing out all the Bloods: Captain, Chronicles, Adventures. Though he'd hate me, just hate me, because of being spaniard...sigh...

Veena said...

Space Bar: Thank you, thank you. Now that you have promised me the book, and Luddo has promised (sort of) fluffy idlis (made from first principles) and thenga chutney, I shall have to turn up in Hyd!

Oh he won't hate you. New century. Things have changed now, yes.