Monday, July 07, 2008

Rain eh? Time for some hot tea, scrumptious buns and poetry, I say

So accidentally I click on BBC Sport yesterday afternoon and see this Live Video link. (No, we do not have a TV) Then I wonder whether these video thingies are any good and click on it quite randomly. The next four hours gone. Just like that. Of all the matches I could have serendipitiously watched, I ended up watching this one. Cool, no?

Last time I watched a tennis match, the top seeds were all at least five years older than me. So I have no idea who these two players were. But it was alright as well, come on, how can you not tell a Swiss from a Spaniard? What, who did I root for? Well, I always root for the underdog. Always. So I know nothing about these two and when I started watching, Fed was two sets down so obviously I root for him. No, no point to all this. Oh wait, there is one. BM, Falstaff - Can you guys like sign up Roger and Rafa for audiopoetry? Thanks to Aunty Beeb, they were made to recite Kipling's If when rain suspended play. No, I am actually not kidding. I wonder whose idea it was. These Brits are funny, no?

Bill tells me that all knowing you tube has vid. of course.


Tabula Rasa said...

funny, i just recommended the poem to someone last week. nice vid.

Cheshire Cat said...

Roger is pretty good at the poetry-reciting, isn't he? And Rafa was absolutely hilarious. His tennis, on the other hand, not so amusing, as a certain cardigan-wearer would vouch.

Veena said...

TR: To some poor student I presume?

Cat: Yeah, Roger is pretty good at reciting. When I first heard it, I thought it was someone else's voiceover, someone who knew how to read. Then Rafa came on and I figured it was these two.

And whats up with the cardigan? Does he always wear that? I thought it was cute. Added to this calm, cool image. Last time I watched tennis people were all flashy and aggressive and behaving as if they were entitled to behave badly on court. Oh wait, there are no Americans nowadays are there?

Tabula Rasa said...

to the student's advisor :-D

Cheshire Cat said...

There are Americans but this year the top-ranked one lost to a bespectacled Serb whose favorite author is Dostoyevsky and who wears a tattoo saying "Beauty will save the world".

Meaning, they just aren't very good. Flash and aggressiveness all intact though, which makes them rather absurd.

Preeti said...

you mean women don't count?

Cheshire Cat said...

"you mean women don't count?"

Oh, women count, for sure. It's just that women's tennis doesn't :)

(It's a good thing no-one ever takes me very seriously)