Monday, February 02, 2009

What's the worst possible thing...

one could be doing on a totally snowed under day in London? (Yes, I said London. Looks like London's decided to make me happy by imitating the city by the lake)

A. Sit at home and have hot chocolate while "working from home"
B. Attempt to go to work by going to tube station and then promptly coming back home
C. Get to airport to catch a flight
D. Get to random consulate, then queue wait 45 minutes in the snow only to have a chap come out and say that the visa section is closed as their staff did not turn up

Well, what can I say? Chotu Motu always had a sense of timing. If I ever had any qualms about surrendering my Indian passport, they are gone. Nobody can accuse me of being patriotic now.

For those of you (esp across the pond) wondering what's with all this naatak, trust me, you have no idea how unprepared this city is for adverse weather. You'd think all this obsession with weather would mean that they would do something about it. No way. Its like snow in Austin, TX. They don't even have snow trucks.

Oh, a couple more. One of our backyard, and the other from my office.

And now, let me get home before they suspend the Northern Line. Already most of the London Underground is greyed out.


??! said...

It's 'A' all the way, baby.

??! said...

Obviously I meant it's the best possible thing. Which one is happily doing.

Szerelem said...

where you getting visas for?

Veena said...

??!: Go away.

Szerelem: This is a last minute plan to spend the coming weekend in Paris. Could never justify paying summer prices for Paris, so we figured might as well spend a winter weekend there.

Btw, also have this other long trip coming up which you would be totally jealous of; shall tell you once I book :)

Cheshire Cat said...

Any consulate which shuts down for a snowy day must either be for an exotic country or for a warm country.

Either way, my eyes have just turned green.

Cheshire Cat said...

Ummm, never mind

Not that Paris is not envy-unworthy.

Veena said...

Cat: France is neither exotic nor warm. Not this weekend.

Szerelem said...

oh my god - are you going to Istanbul?

blackmamba said...

ha. Right after you tell me that you might get to use your winter clothes in chicago.

Veena said...

Szer: That too but if this other thing happens, can't afford Istanbul this year. We shall see.

BM: Yeah, I dug up my down jacket this morning. I looked for it everywhere and then realised that I had put in the suitcase that I thought I'd take to Chicago.

And guess what? Remember my fav snow boots that we ago years and years ago from DSW? The ones that refused to get worn out? I threw them out three weeks ago when we moved. And promptly fell down twice today walking from South Ken to Gloucester Rd on my way back from the consulate. Pain.