Monday, December 14, 2009

A moment's happiness

Because sometimes, we are happy too. And it usually doesn't involve Hamlet.

"Are you happy?"

"Are you Falsie?"


"Then I am happy"

"I see"

"I don't know what is there to see"

"As long as I am not Falsie, you are happy"

"I said nothing of the sort"

"You just did"

"No, I did not. If you were Falsie, I would have not told you I was happy"


"You don't tell Falsie such things"

"But this is not about Falsie"

"Then why are asking such absurd questions?"

"Good point. What's for dinner?"

"Dosai and puli kuzhambu"

"Now I am happy"

"I know"


Space Bar said...

so this is your anniv post take 2?

(i like this better).

??! said...

So, so brilliant!

Moar, moar.

Fëanor said...

how about sending some of that puli kuzhambu this way, i say?

Veena said...

SB: Figured you would.

??!: Thanks. And thayir, thayir. (Sorry but am sure you can find some unsuspecting Tam speaker who can translate!)

Feanor: Sure but you have to trudge up North. (And are you really sure you want Bill's puli kuzhambu? Its better than mine but that's not saying much)

Nowhere Man said...

Ah how inviting!! So what does one have to do to cadge an invitation for those Dosai and Puli Kuzhambu? ( I promise not to call you adorable again ) .

Name the thing and thou shalt have it.
Enda ooru le saapadu sayikale! :)

Veena said...

Nowhere Man: Hmm. You can get halfway decent food in this place but might have to trek a bit. Depends on how long you want to go for food.