Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A monkey of our own and other updates

Toshi has indeed left the fortress but guess who gets to deal with the monkey that came out into the outside world?


"So what?"

"Not bad, eh?"

"Its okay"

"So its all good?"

"What is all good?"

"Well, you know, this place and all..."

"Oh. Well, its bigger than what we are used to"


"Given the postcode difference, yeah, to be expected"

"Yeah. So its alright then?"

"What is alright? I said its big. Which is not necessarily a good thing"

"So its not alright?"

"I said its ok. But that is not the point. The point is this will have to do"

"I guess. Anyway, its not like this thing is forever"

"Its not?"

"The house I meant"

"The house, yes. Just for a few months"

"Until you go back to work. Then we move back to London"

"What if I decide not to?"

"That is completely up to you"


"I said work is completely up to you"

"Who will fund your life?"

"I am sure we will figure out a way"

"You are that certain what I will do?"

"Of course. A month ago, I might have been worried. Not anymore"

"Well, you wait and see"

"I will only. You really want me to believe that you so desperately want to be tortured 24X7?"

"You never know. I could be some masochist"

"Right. And I could be a productive member of society"

"Which is the same thing. If I stop working, you have no choice but to be productive member of society"

"And what exactly would that accomplish?"

"Good point. What is that across the street?"

"What does it look like?"

"Its dark but from here, it looks like some sort of a cemetery"

"That is what it is"

"We live across from a cemetery?"


"Monkey's first friends will be dead people. How cool!"

"I know. Not for nothing I went with this house"

"Oh, the possibilities.."

"are endless. First, lets give the thing this room which faces the graveyard"

"Yes, of course"


Nowhere Man said...

Congratulations V and B!

Veena said...

Nowhere Man: Thanks!

Preeti said...

House in ‘burbs – check
Baby – check
When are the suv and dog showing up?

blewgenes said...

Good one Preeti !

so who is the conformist now ...hehehehehehe

Veena said...

Preeti - What house in the burbs? Please not to confuse uni town with 'burbs. There is a big difference.

And who needs suv when one can get a bmw?

BG: You forget I was always the conformist. The claim is that I have non-conf friends.