Monday, May 03, 2010

Still more Indecision

My immediate reaction to this piece (also echoed by random commenter) was "What? Is Hampstead a marginal?"

Turns out that it is indeed a marginal. Can't really say the same for the constituency one is going to vote in. Shucks. So much for being diligent and letting councils know we have moved.

ps: I know. Beckett of all people. Godot jokes abound.

pps: Can't believe its British election time and one hasn't made a Yes, Minister reference. So this seems like a good post as any. Sir Humphrey on "arts" in Patron of the Arts: People don't go to church, but they feel better that it's there.


Cheshire Cat said...

That article made me dislike Clegg more than I already did.

It is unseemly enough for a politician to like Beckett, but to declare him a "hero"? Ugh.

Veena said...

Cat: I think I would vote Lib Dem if it weren't for Clegg. Apparently he attempted a magic realist book after reading Marquez. I am beginning to think his approach to politics is similar - "I can run this country because I have seen these chaps in Parliament". However, the one thing he has going for him (in my book) is that he seems to have a really smart and super cool wife. Hmm.

Fëanor said...

Super cool wife? Stabbed a friend to win Mr Clegg, I hear.