Friday, November 02, 2012


One good reason to watch the film - a delicious Ben Whishaw as Quartermaster. Seriously. Though he appears for all of 10 minutes. I know, it is a recurring theme.

As for the rest, the two Bond fans I went with to watch the movie were terribly disappointed. No plot, no saving the world, not much in terms of exotic locales (a bit of Istanbul, Shanghai, and Macau), I was told. I thought it was rather decent. Could put it down to homesickness I suppose - the film was shot mostly in London and a bit of Scotland. Not exactly exotic but who wants exotic when you can get rainy London?

But overall though, my feeling is if you want to make a Bond movie, you make a Bond movie and make your fans happy. If you want to make a film about the desk operator who actually runs the show, stick with George Smiley. No offence to Dench who was perfect in her role but the role itself lacked a bit of character.


Space Bar said...

Yes! I gave one satisfied sigh of joy when Ben appeared.

I thought the film was not bad (barring one quease-inducing scene of nonconsensuality) but like you said, true Bond fans didn't seem to like that the world didn't end with the bang they were expecting.

But Q! (I have to watch Layer Cake now, don't I?)

Veena said...

Agree. Definitely watchable. But which scene of nonconsensuality? What did I miss now?

Layer Cake, yes. Me too!

Karina said...


Space Bar said...

The shower scene when she's given up on Bond turning up. Felt incredibly creepy to me.