Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Home Alone

Back home in God's own land after a busy three days in Bangalore. B'lore has become almost unrecognizable to say the least.

Highlights of visit include:

1.Dutifully turned up a couple of days early for friend's wedding but strategically complained of jetlag and didn't lift a finger. On wedding day, acted as if one was doing all the work and managed to get hazaar accolades from everyone except ofcourse the bride. The wedding consisted of an Arya Samaj ceremony in the morning, a church wedding in the afternoon and a reception at night. All went off peacefully.

2. Met the kind Professor at the Institute and bored him to death. Conned kinder Doctor (aka the kind Professor's wife) to feed me dinner. Delicious dosais with podi :)

3. Promptly got lost atleast once each day and complained to everyone about how buildings and landmarks seemed to have changed places since the last time I was here. No one was amused.

Finally managed to get on a flight home. All grand ideas of making an entrance and surprising the Don (aka the Father) didn't really work. Don was all happy to see daughter until he realised that jobless daughter was going to stick around for a few months. Don and wife informed daughter that they have a life which cannot be altered to suit daughter's schedule. Like today, poor daughter is home all alone while Don and wife have gone to attend the fourth wedding of the day. It is Aavani alright.


Abi said...

You? Bored? Us? How can stories about CMU and gossip about bloggers ever be boring?

Thanks for taking some time out for us!

meditativerose said...

what?! you went to b'lore and didn't go to corner house?? the gods of icecream (and chocolate) will get you for this ... you are doomed to rainy, sunless days for all of next year!

btw, too lazy to write a mail - couldn't call before you left because we ended up extending our trip ... alaska - where the fun never ends.

Also, what fraud did you put abt Hope? we went there all excited to be the second group of Indians ever to show up there, and found a pretty decent excuse for civilization, primarily due to the presence of an awesome cream of mushroom soup, salmon chowder, and a spinach quiche :)

Einsteinophile said...

Was Blog hopping and reached urs.
Nice posts! :)

Anoop said...

What are you doing alone at home when you could be out attending weddings? That too as the Don's daughter.. :)

Do update with a post about what the local vegetable vendors are saying about the state of your marriage.