Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bills for Bill

#1 Infuriating thing in this city:

Every single time Bill and I have dined at a restaurant in the month that we have been here, the check has been handed to Bill. Needless to say, every single time I have pulled my wallet out and paid. If no one sees me put the card down, they always come back to Bill expecting him to sign. It took us a while to notice this, the first two times we were just amused but no, it happens at every place. No exceptions. It is so jarring that for a moment you think you are back in small town India. I am not one for political correctness usually but there's something to be said for it. Back in the States, the check either goes to a neutral place on the table or to whoever demands it. Almost every woman in this city works for a living; London also has a long history of feminism and while not as good as States, Britain has pretty decent anti-discrimination laws. And for God's sake, this is the New York of the "international" world! Any one care to explain this behaviour? Any Londeners around who could tell me that its just me and it does not happen all the time?

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