Monday, November 26, 2007

Three Men on a Wooden Floor

(Part 2 of BM and Buddhi in London.)

Saturday morning. Bill and I pack off the sistahs to the Abbey and set out on another of our flat hunting expeditions. These things usually start with viewing perhaps one flat. And then we walk around the neighborhood, chill at the Park for an hour, go find some nice cafe and bookstores, maybe catch a movie at the local theater, eat some street food etc etc. Yes, I know. The most inefficient of things but who said the point of this is to find an apartment? First of all, we haven't really decided whether we are moving or not.

So anyway, a couple of hours later we find ourselves not very far from the Camden Lock and so we decide to go say hello to our prints guy. Man runs this narrow, little prints store on Camden High, sells everything from movie posters to Michelangelo. Pretentious me wanted to pick up a couple of Degas prints as gifts for some people. Also wanted to see whether he had any new Banksy stuff (if Banksy is your man, please go see this guy in Camden next time you are in London) so it all made sense.

"Didn't BM say she was looking for something?"

"Yeah. Now that we are here, maybe we should call her and check"

So Bill steps out and calls while I picked up The Tub and Before the Mirror.

"Yeah, she wants something but its a little strange"

"Are you looking for anything specific?"

"Yes. This may sound weird but a friend was in Paris recently..."


"At d'Orsay I think and she wants this print. The problem is she doesn't know the artist or the name of the painting"

"This is a test!"

"I guess. So this is am impressionist painting. The artist's name starts with C-A-I-L, she thinks"



"And the painting?"

"Its three men working on a wooden floor. These are workers. So..well, so they are all able bodied and stuff"

"I think I know exactly what you are talking about"


Man disappears for a second. Comes back with painting.

"Is this it?"

"Yes, this is surely how she described it"

"What's my next test? You want me to do this blindfolded?"

"Not for now!"

"You said this is for you?"

"No no no, this is for a friend. She saw this in Paris"

"If you say so. Here!"


Cheshire Cat said...

And that must be the dog, in pieces, on the floor...

Veena said...

Yeah Cat, this is the proletariat version. We don't particularly like dogs.

Anonymous said...

er, name of print shop, s'il vous plait? thanks!

Veena said...

The Print Factory - on Chalk Farm Road, just east of Camden Lock.

Heureux d'être d'aide or whatever is it they say!

Anonymous said...

Well, its not really that surprising. I mean this is really one of the Famous Ones. Kind of like saying, hey theres huge sculpture with wings outside the room that has the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

In fact, the minute you said Musee D'Orsay I remembered this one (and I'm not even a print maker).

Love the lighting in the painting btw.


But prints? Really?

Veena said...

n!: Oh, so its famous? Good to know.

But you do realize that just because you remember it (just as BM remembers it) doesn't really mean its famous? It could just mean that the painting has shirtless, well-muscled men.

Anonymous said...

Well, yeah, I always thought it was the Mona Lisa of shirtless, muscled men. come ot think of it if Ms Lisa were shirtless and on a floor instead of flashing that wisdom-tooth-extracted grimace, she'd be the Caillebotte.


Anonymous said...

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