Thursday, December 13, 2007

Best Food Forward - Part 4

You never thought we would get to Part 4, did you? Ha! And this one is special too. This one is paying respects to certian ahem...senior fellows of the blogosphere edition. If we were to do this right, this would have been fish but since we aren't that respectful, you have to be happy with Bangla food in Brick Lane. (Btw, did I tell you that when Bill found out that the chef is Pakistani, he almost got up and left? He changed his mind as soon he saw our beaming faces.)

So anyway, getting to the food, this one is Prof-da special. We are sure that in all the silk road pictures, man spent ten minutes arranging food on the table so that he could get a decent pciture. (Yes, poor TPB, we know.)

And this one is well, who else could it be, JAP-da special. Always to destroy food before you take picture .

Special mention: The best bagels in the world. No, you New Yorkers lose.

The NY Times agrees. Sort of.

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Tabula Rasa said...

trip well taken :-D

zedzded said...

wheres the heavenly lamb briyani and mutton samosas