Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back and not off again for a long, long time

Yep, moi's back from last holiday of the month and unfortunately no plans to go anywhere else in the near future but before that, wait, first things first. It has been brought to my attention that certain high-brow bloggers we are all so fond of have been behaving as if their visit to London consisted of jumping from one art museum to another and that a reality check is due. And so, without further ado, I give you:

Falsie in London - The Bottlecount

(And that's just from half day Sunday the weekend before last. He was in town for a week so you do the Math)

Now that that's out of the way, here are a couple of shots from the last weekend. All people present were in agreeance that there were worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than sipping coffee in front of the apartment with a view, or well, more than one view. Lots of entertaining details on this trip coming up soon.

Anyone care to guess where these pictures were taken? You shall be rewarded with pictures of more cool structures. (Clue: The cable stayed thingie connects two countries, and is the longest border crossing bridge in the world, I am told)


Ludwig said...

I cannot refuse a frikkin' bridge question.

This is surely the thing that spans the thing that separates Helsingor and Helsingborg or whatever, countries in question being Denmark and Sweden. The strait connects the umm...North Sea and the umm...Baltic? Too lazy to Google the rest of it.

And no, I don't want to know about how much fun the trip was. The only trip I want to know involves inhaling the fumes of recreational drugs.

So there!

Falstaff said...

While I'm quite happy to have people think I got through four bottles of alcohol in half a day, I'm afraid I really can't take credit for it without acknowledging the more than able assistance provided by you and Bill, who, as I remember it, did more than your fair share of drinking.

I suppose this would also be a good time for me to acknowledge that, yes, I did watch the Champions League final between Man U and Chelsea, before you go announcing that to the world as well.

Veena said...

Luddo: Ya, Oresund. I should have said you were banned from answering bridge and train questions.

And what do you mean you don't want to know about trip? I have this whole post coming up in the interests of educating people about Bjorn Borg and the specialist products he sells. You wait.

Oh and btw, thanks for waiting. Remember the translation? That coming your way soon. Don't ask me how but it actually the request went to one of the real language studies institutes where someone found an english translation by the man himself, scanned pages and sent it to me. I shall make it a little more readable and send over tom / day after.

Falstaff: Ya ya everyone knows we are dipso here. Also to be fair, there were two more bottles (one of Absolut and one of Blue Curcao) that we opened but did not finish so I did not include in the pic.

The only reason I did not mention the Champions League was because I thought nobody would believe me and it will only undermine moi's credibility. Now that you have said it, well, what can I say?

Space Bar said...

*Gasp*. Fasltaff watched fitba?

??! said...

More to the point - who did he cheer for?

Fëanor said...

Calatrava, my main man! So were you in Malmø?

Veena said...

SB & ??!: I suggest someone start an online petition to get Falsie to write abt his Champions League experience.

Feanor: You a Calatrava man yourself? Good to know.

I was making up for not going up to see the Montjuic tower by spending a couple of days in Malmo. That and the fact that the man in Bamseland we went to see lives at the foot of the Turning Torso and a few metres from the Oresund.

Fëanor said...

Did you say you were visiting Chicago shortly? Calatrava's Spire is coming up there. If you see it, pls. to write about it!

??! said...

We're on the case.

Space Bar said...

Veena: Not unless Falstaff is going to say he cheered madly for either team (but not both. or neither) and did waves and in general did not behave like a bitterly misunderstood genius.

??!: 'we' are?!

Veena said...

Feanor: Well, no. I was supposed to be in Chicago a couple of weeks ago but couldn't make it. Will be there in Oct next and will most def write about the Spire.

I was all over it during my Chicago Arch Foundation days and must say that I am a little ambivalent about the structure to start with.

Also, OT: how does one e-mail you?

??!: Cool. Where do I sign? :)

??! said...

Umm...ahh...sorry. No wait, it was the royal we. Now will you join?

Well, my ploy consisted of bombarding his blog with comments till he does post. It's not like he can block them - just delete them.

I would put it up on my blog, but it'd only give that 'male' idiot more fuel for his ??!-has-a-Falstaff-crush theory. Hmm...maybe I should put it up.

Anonymous said...

Veena: Falsie - a diSaronno man? Really? Next you’ll be telling me he spent the weekend watching re-runs of ‘All my Children’. Or dancing by himself in front of the mirrors at the local nightclub. Or pumping iron at the nearest David Barton Gym. Or wearing thong underwear. While pumping iron at the nearest David Barton Gym. A diSaronno man. Falsie. Really! Who would have thunk???


Veena said...

??!: Ya, I think you should take this to your blog. We will all come and sign in the comment space. Who cares about 'male' idiot?

n!: As usual, I am dying of laughter imagining Falsie doing all the above.

I do think he drinks whatever is available but to be fair to him, he did not realise this was Disaronno. Bill had made this cocktail thingy with some strange stuff and none of us knew what was in it. We just drank it all up.

Fëanor said...

hiya: have sent you email at your blog email from my email!

i'm not that much of a modern architecture fan, but calatrava is interesting because it appears he manages to design buildings based on his sculptures, no?