Friday, May 16, 2008

Shatranj Ke Khilari

One of the many unexpected delights in Prague was stepping down to Prague Castle grounds after an overwhelming hour around the castle buildings to discover a set of about a dozen photograph installations which were part of a Jiri Vsetecka retro called Prague Walker. All the photographs on display were brilliant and this one shot during May Day Parade, 1962 particularly so.

Any online pointers to this chap's pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oh, bonus. While we are sort of on the topic, check this one out. (Might have to click and enlarge to read)


nmouse said...

Saw this - and thought of you guys :D See Mike Slackenerny's fan favourites.

Veena said...

nmouse: Yep, its us only. There was a time when Bill went to meet Jorge Cham during one of his uni visits and I was convinced that Bill gave him material for Slackernerny and Jen strips.