Thursday, August 21, 2008

Linus takes over

In which I realise I am the only one in the household who is loyal to Bill.

"Bill, your old computer is not that bad as you said it was"

"You booted Faramir?! Were you able to go online and do whatever you wanted then?"

"Yes, yes, I started it and it asked me whether to boot windows or linux. For some reason, there were two linux choices"

"I know. Choosing Windows leads to what you know and love but it is slow"

"Yes, I tried that. But it was so terrible. So slow"

"Yeah amma. It is a really old machine and there is too much stuff on it"

"So I went and tried linux"

"You what?"

"It was so nice. So fast. It took me a while to find things. Especially Firefox. But once I found it, things were perfect"

"You daughter runs away screaming if I try linux on her"

"I don't see why. It does everything I need and it does it well"

"Yes! Another round to the Finn. Say, why don't you teach your daughter the important things in life?"

"I would like to think I did. She married you, didn't she?"

"Arghh. Amma, I am glad you think I am important and all but can you not use the M word? Please"

"You are both the same. No sense"

"Amma, you know about Ubuntu?"

"No, what is that?"

"That's what Shonku runs on. Come, let me show you"

A couple of hours later.

"How do I install this Ubuntu?"

"Oh, is it quite straightforward. I will get you a bunch of install CDs"

"Great. I will take them with me and install this in our home laptop"

"You won't miss Windows?"

"Of course not. Good riddance"

"Hear, hear"


??! said...

For a moment there, I was going "so how does this show her being loyal to Bill?", till I realised which one you were talking about.

Is slowbrain day.

blackmamba said...


zedzded said...

hey laptop-hugger & number-cruncher,

now I know where your inner geek came from.
And you guys are married like forever and still dreading the "M" whatever!!!

Veena said...

??!: Well yeah, there is no reason why I should be loyal to apna Bill. What has he done for me anyway?

As opposed to the Bill without whom I probably won't have a job.

BM: Showed mum. She wants to know what a kernel is now. Too much.

zedzed: Who geek? You geek. Your sis geek. Your family geek. Me no geek.

Bamse said...

Linus Torvalds FTW!

Anoop said...

Way to go, mums! I love you Bill!