Sunday, October 12, 2008

Agni pariksha

So Bill's birthday is coming up and yeah, I believe in doing nothing and to be fair, so does Bill. However, since this is the big three-oh[1] and all and because certain people have been asking me over and over again what I am doing for this non-event, I decided to do some research. As of now, this is the best gift I can come up with. Please to let me know if you can think of something better. Thanks.

Btw, off off off to Chicago soon. Yippee!

[1] Yes, thirty years and have not worked a single day of his life. I have never met a more impressive person. Yes, I know. I am a loser.


blewgenes said...

How about gifting Bill a "no nagging week" ;)

Fëanor said...

wzzp veena. how long off to chicago for, then? are you going to look out for a theatre tour?

Veena said...

BG: No nagging. I don't nag. I just tell him how useless he is. Different.

Feanor: Hello! How is the tryst with the Russian mafia going? Managed to get in on the art scene yet?

And thanks for the link. Other than the McVicker, been to the other places as part of some CAF thing so might give it a miss. There is a Boom Towns exhibition which sounds interesting which I am planning to go to.

(Btw, have to tell you that we been having the most glorious weather even here in London. Sun is out every single day and the temp is around 20!)