Friday, October 31, 2008

Hot Asian men who are not Tony Leung

The Good

The Bad

The Weird (makes up for non-hotness by being weird)

The Movie

The most entertaining movie I have seen this year. Sergio Leone meets Tarantino in this totally stylish Oriental Western set in 1930s Manchuria (but shot apparently near the Gobi desert). Three things that could have made this a really good movie: a plot, a script and a little bit of acting. But not to worry. Its quite amazing that the movie never has a dull moment despite the absence of such basic things.

Two unmissable scenes: train robbery at the beginning and a 20-minute chase at the end to the score of Don't let me be misunderstood. Delightful.

PS: Yeah, London film festival. Just got to see a couple. Sad work story. Don't ask.

PPS: I like the Good guy though I know, the Bad boy looks like Johnny Depp. But just a boy he is, no?


Space Bar said...

which was the other film? (And did I reco this? Damn I'm good.)

Veena said...

SB: Saw Welcome to Sajjanpur and Louise-Michel.

First was wholesome entertainment though one tends to expect a little more from Mr Benegal. The second was alright but the director made up for it in the after show talk. Any question you asked him it would come back to Obama. And Sarkozy. And capitalism. And violence. At some point he said something to the effect of "obviously I am not endorsing violence. We all know that is not the right solution. But sometimes, when you know you don't have long to live, well, why not?" Too funny.

(Of course you reco-ed it. I never watch movies unless you reco them)

blackmamba said...

Don't let me be misunderstood.

what!!?? they are using kill bill score.

-- da black mamba.

word ver: puzzle (really!)