Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Isn't there a romance in there somewhere?

1 older man
1 younger man / kid
2 lungis (checks, red)
fish (both Bong and Mallu)
fresh toddy

I think there is. BM thinks there isn't and apparently this is the script for some random Bollywood movie called Dostana. Needless to say, I am all insulted here.

What do you think?


blackmamba said...

you are leaving out details (that is where it is at).

older man not much older than the kid.
both single, looking to rent an apt.
one is kinda mallu and the other is kinda bong.

And I am sure both men will agree to adding Priyanka Chopra in her Dostana form. So there. What you have is not a romance my dear, but a KaJo script.

I rest my case.

Veena said...

BM: Come on now, you are the one who said the older man is like 60. And we know the younger is like 20. And how can you make assumptions that both will agree to adding Priyanka Chopra?

Btw, I got mailed a chat transcript. I am wondering how much of it should I put up.

Love the story title. Kid, Kiddo, Kidding. What fun! (Thanks SB)

Space Bar said...

no no, we can't put chat transcript up. we have to build a proper story.

bm says she wants to have nothing to do with it.

Veena said...

SB: Ok, sounds good. Let me see if I can write up something and send today.

And BM will come around. If nothing else works, we will include a Priyanka Chopra (who is she, btw?) character in our story and make it her.

blackmamba said...

who is priyanka chopra?

sb, you are working on a script with someone who doesn't know who PC is...are you sure?

veena, you did tell me that I was, like, 57. which I am.

Ludwig said...

hai, this is an interesting topic. who are you all talking about? wnt 2 mk frnshp w/ me?

Space Bar said...

veena: serial fic will work but it has to be made public on the blogs. yay!

bm: of course i'm sure. i went through film school without knowing half the names people were throwing at me. i only knew bergman and kurosawa and resnais and all.

luddoo: does 'kiddo' give you know clues? and as for franship, oh boy. just wait.

word ver: emixjbui

Falstaff said...

I'm not sure why we need the lungis, the homoerotic subtext, or Priyanka whats-her-name. We've got a Bong and some fish. There's all the romance you need.

Space Bar said...

know! know! eye din joust sigh watt eye deed!

blackmamba said...

falsie, a mallu coming between a bong and his fish. Is that enough homoerotic subtext for you?

Falstaff said...

bm: No, no. Sometimes a fish is just a fish.

[resists temptation to visualize dialog along lines of "sure, you can have head - I just want a piece of tail"]