Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How can one not love this chap?

Astute readers no doubt remember the time Motu went to Prague and nearly caused a diplomatic incident by trespassing in the German Consulate to see the Trabant. Well, guess what? David Černý is back. With the art hoax of the decade called Entropa (the sidebar has a larger slideshow which has all the countries), and such a lovely one at that. Already the diplomatic squabbles have started. This promises to be fun.

Which country do you like the best? I am having a really hard time deciding - especially like Poland and Denmark but the autobahns of Germany (which might or might not be a swastika) is cool as well. And Britain obviously so conspicous by her absence. And a special mention for Ike..I mean, Bamseland.

Read this Times piece. Fatal mistake, it seems, to have hired Černý. Americans! What can I say?

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