Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love Bill (sometimes) and Cary Grant

Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday. Proving once again that once in a couple of years, Bill could really prove to be useful.

Bill darling: Thanks etc. but you do realise you aren't going to keep up your resolution of having to pack less number of books and DVD boxes when we move next?


Space Bar said...

oh man. envy. envy.

Veena said...

SB: Thats the point of posting no?

But if it helps, the silly collection doesn't have basic films such as Arsenic and Old Lace and Philadelphia Story. I have no idea what Bill was thinking.

Anonymous said...

No envy. Cary Grant looks so much like my Periappa... the one I hate. So I can't bear to watch any of these movies, let alone enjoy them.

??! said...

I was about to go hunting for my own set till you said it doesn't have "AaOL". Plan cancelled.

Veena said...

BM: You have a periappa who looks like Cary Grant? Sorry, not buying that.

??!: Yeah, I know. Doesn't have His Girl Friday either.

Bill screws up as usual and spends my money doing it. What's new?

Anonymous said...

sigh, what can I say. Next time you go home ask my mom to show you her wedding album.