Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Goings-on (about town that one does not live in anymore but one can get to)

BFI celebrates monkey's arrival. (In related news, monkey's first word came out yesterday: akkirrrrrrrrrrr) And while you are there, might as well catch Film Science and a bit of Grace Kelly.

Totally totally worth your time. It even has a TV series to go with it. Super cool stuff.


Fëanor said...

i see you've been totally consumed by BBC4, eh? nonstop tv watching, i see, to make up for the years of drought?

all that science and art and opera is driving me batty. in a good way, of course.

so, what's cooking?

Veena said...

Feanor: Not so much TV but yeah, general catching-up happening. Very happy with the cambridgeshire library system, one must say.

hullo, you and space get together and put old peoples post no? now that kids are all reaching big milestones, time for proper sappy parent posts. :)