Thursday, September 01, 2005

Another Booker review, Blog Day et al

Yet another review from Falstaff; the man seems to believe in a book a day. Of Hilary Mantel's Beyond Black, he says, "It (Beyond Black) is a skilful, beautifully written novel with absolutely nothing to say." Hmm..don't think this is going to be next on my list. Here, go read the full review.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to blog about my five blog picks yesternight but didn't get around to it. Better later than never blah blah, so let me put them down today. No usual suspects, all except one on the list are relatively recent blogs that I came across in the past couple of months.

1. Curious Gawker - Onionesque, bashes Bush, has his heart in the right place especially since its on the left.

2. Falstaff - Poetry, more poetry, and a good dose of nonsense written extremely well. What more does one need?

3. Whats up with me and bloggers in Philly, you say? Here's someone closer to home then, a couple of miles down the road actually. Arguably the best of the Chicago bloggers, my favorite for sure - Chapati Mystery

4. Da Black Mamba - Eclectic, a dear friend and c'mon, even Falstaff doesn't quote Rilke on his blog.

5. Shameless self-promotion and some cross-selling as all my site stats keep telling me that there is very little overlap between the visitors of YL and the Bride blog. Also, while this is me, the Bride sometimes feels like a different person altogether. After all, she is the one getting married; I am so happy that I am not. So here's the Bride blog.


gawker said...

"has his heart in the right place especially since its on the left."

Haha i like that. Thanks a bunch for the plug.

Falstaff said...

Thanks for the plug. Though object to statement about how i don't quote Rilke on my blog. Give me time.

Oh, and if you really want to read about Rilke, check out:

Veena said...

Gawker - You are welcome.

Falstaff - Yes, I should have written 'Not yet'! And thanks for the link - will check it out.