Friday, September 02, 2005

Not Acceptable

Relief efforts not acceptable, says Bush. Can someone tell this idiot that the relief efforts are his responsibility? And he cannot blame this one on non-existent WMDs in Iraq.

This is politically incorrect but what the hell? Why do I get the feeling that the relief efforts might have been atleast marginally better if the color of this tragedy was not black? And granted I don't watch TV but why is no one even talking about race here?

Can someone also tell the media to stop comparing this tragedy with those of the Third World? Last time I checked, when natural tragedies happened there, people did NOT roam around the streets with AK-47s killing other people.

Can someone tell Peggy Noonan to stop writing crap like this? - "One of the things that keeps us together, and that lets this great lumbering nation move forward each day, is the sense that we will be decent and brave in times of crisis, that the fabric holds, that under duress it is American heroism and altruism that take hold and not base instincts born of irresponsibility, immaturity and greed."

American heroism? American altruism? As opposed to what? Third World altruism?

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uma said...

thanks for this post. thanks for pointing out all these things.