Friday, September 16, 2005

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Massachusetts legislature rejected a gay marriage amendment yesterday by a overwhelming majority. First step towards legalizing gay marriage? Both sides claim victory though - the opponents are going to introduce a more stringent bill!

Mr. Newdow is back. This time with parents who have full custody of their children and a federal judge yesterday ruled that reciting the pledge in schools is unconstitutional. Most probably, the decision will be appealed and it will be interesting to see what the new Supreme Court will say this time. The oppostion to remove the words which were put in by a paranoid Senator during the McCarthy and the Cold War era only goes on to prove how hypocritical the majority of this society really is. Here's the history of the pledge if you are interested.

Has A.O. Scott gone senile and crazy? Check this review.

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gawker said...

I personally don't think "Under God" has any place in the pledge. However, I am not opposed to it being in the pledge either, and can't understand the passion behind removing it. I feel in an already polarized country it will only help the religious nutjobs in bringing more people into their fold by giving them fodder for recruitment. Kind of like what the Iraq invasion did for terrorism.
Its not like the evolution debate which is actually harmful as in it's undermining science. Here its just a symbolism which doesnt really matter in the scheme of things.