Friday, February 03, 2006

Go Steelers!

Okay, I know that I am not exactly a football fan. Until four months ago, when my manager literally tied me to a chair and made me watch the World Series, I didn't know the difference between the World Series and the Super Bowl. But I love Diplodocus! We have spent many a fall evening together staring across the street at the Heinz chapel and the Cathedral of Learning while cars zoomed past us on Forbes Avenue. I would get a brownie and cup of coffee from Kiva Han, walk to CLP, pick up some books and DVDs and then I would go sit by Diplodocus and we would keep each other company. I would read out Wilde to him and he loved Earnest; he always kept asking me to read it. That's when he told me that he hates being called Dippy and that he prefers Diplodocus. He also hates kids, he said the brats don't realize that he is a real person and that they treat him like he is some museum piece or something. I never had the heart to tell him that he is indeed a museum piece.

So if Diplodocus roots for Steelers whoever they are, so will I!

[PS: Bill, now you know what I used to do when you didn't turn up on time. I was having imaginary conversations with that stupid dinosaur.]

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