Monday, February 20, 2006

My mean deed of the day

I once put my ATM card into the receipt slot of the darned machine. So I was drunk. Another time, I went to the airport a week early. My flight was for the following Friday. NY beckoned and I couldn't wait. More recently, I made an U-turn at a STOP sign while this cop car was right behind me. I still maintain that its legal and I have to go to court next month to get my license back. The excuse is that I actually found a parking spot in the city, it just happened to be on the wrong side of the road.

But here's what I have never done - I have never, I repeat, never filled my black Beetle with 2 gallons of diesel. Wait a sec, I don't own a black Beetle. So here's it again - I have never filled the fuel tank of my beat-up, cheap, Japanese car with 2 gallons of diesel.

BM, I am sorry but I really cannot stop laughing.


The Black Mamba said...

so you don't like it that I call you up and critique your blog posts. instead, if you want me to leave comments here, say so. why drag me out and humiliate me in public...

Dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar naa raha
Zindagi hamein tera, aitbaar na raha, aitbaar na raha

btw, my excuse for the mis-fueling - deep thought :) (you wouldn't buy that, would you?)

gawker said...

I know for a fact that filling a gasoline car with diesel is physically impossible because they make the nozzle sizes different. And the reason I know this for a fact is that I have tried to fill my car up with diesel, and I spent 15 minutes trying to shove the nozzle into my fuel tank till I decided it might be worthwhile to read the "diesel" sign printed clearly on the pump.

Veena said...

BM: I know that you are very much capable of deep thoughts. Of the Bernal kind of course.

Gawker: Just cos the nozzle sizes are different doesn't mean you can't fit it. BM took only 2 minutes to do it, she says.

The Black Mamba said...

ahem! gawker.

I do agree that it is hard to fill a gasoline car with diesel... but not exactly impossible.

I spent about two minutes convincing myself that the nozzle must be broken and the ingenious guys at the gas station had fixed it with green duct tape ... To be fair, the whole thing looks like a broken gasoline nozzle that had been fixed in a haphazard fashion.

Having been brought up in India has its advantages(?). You learn to live with broken stuff and adjust...

veena: not that there is anything wrong with having deep thoughts on bernal. but, there are others too, you know. oliver martinez, for instance.

gawker said...

Just in case I manage to do it as well, what the hell do you do once you fill your car with diesel?

The Black Mamba said...


1. don't fill in any more diesel.
2. don't start the car
3. get a tow truck
4. get the car towed to your fav auto mechanic
5. take a seat
6. take a deep breath
7. take out your favourite credit card and make your mechanic's day :(

All your mechanic has to do - drain the gas tank. rinse it with a gallon of gas. fill it in with a gallon of cheap gas. and then charge you $$$ for getting rid of the "contaminated fuel" in an "environment friendly way".

The other option - be a man, drain the diesel yourself, fill up the tank with gas and move on.

Nessa said...