Sunday, March 18, 2007

And then they call us Tams unpatriotic

(Whatever that means)

One of two front page headlines in today's Ananda Bazaar Patrika (as Bill translates it):

"11 Bengalis tower over India; in vain fights on one (other) Bengali"

Update: (From pointless discussion with Bill over the past half hour)

Hypothetical situation - Long, distant future. LTTE has gone the IRA way, and on one bright Pongal morning, a 100% Tamil (Tiger flag-waving, Go Cholas[1]) Jaffna team defeats the Indian side. Can you imagine a Tamland newspaper carrying a similar headline without getting slaughtered first by the people inside Tamland and then the rest of India?

(Please don't get me wrong. I am not saying that it would be wrong. Of course it isn't and if I were the editor, I would definitely try it but then as my Dad likes to say, I am more Mallu than Tam in some respects. As far as I can see, Mallus are the only other regional group in India who would dare to have a similar headline and get away with it.)

[1] Vetri Vel, Veera Vel


ggop said...

LOL! My husband is Irish and he is baffled that the Irish cricket team outranked Pakistan. No one cares about cricket there, they'd rather engage in a sport called "hurling" which does not involve puke in anyway.

Oh dear :-)

Shripriya said...
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Shripriya said...

Amazing. Well, in the situation where India doesn't make it to the Super 8s, at least the Bengalis will have a team to cheer on!

Btw, I am not able to link my regular blog here - it is forcing me to use my blogger profile. Is that because this is not on th new Blogger?

Red said...

If Dubai beats India then Malyalam Manorama will probably have a similiar headline

Veena said...

ggop: Hurling? Hmmm...

Shripriya: Yeah, but the question really is which team they will cheer if both India and Bangladesh make it to the Super 8 :)

And no idea abt blogger. I am technically on the new blogger. Will check.

Red: Absolutely. That really was my only point.