Thursday, March 15, 2007

Song stuck in head

Chippi Iruukkudhu Muthummirukkudhu Thirandhuparka neramiladi Rajaathi
Sindhai Irukkudhu Sandhamirukkudhu Kavidhai Pada Neramilladi Rajaathi
(unlike these people)

I like the song and yeah, agree it is sort of a minor classic and all but its been a week now. What should one do?

(Non Tam readers: Excusez moi. Doesn't translate well.)


Abi said...

There's nothing an old Ilayaraajaa song cannot cure. Try 'Annakkili unnai theduthe'.

The Black Mamba said...

What should one do?

one should just make time and thirandhuparthufy the chippi, duh! and while you are at it, also do the kavidhai padudhal - how about udal mannukku...?

hmm, was that rhetorichal?

Veena said...

Abi: Agree. Somehow ARR never gets stuck in head quite like Ilayaraaja. No? Listened to "Annakkili unnai theduthe" and then went on a tangent from there and now on "Oru Inniya Manadhu" (from Johny).

BM: Enough Muthu already overflowing around here as you very well know. And anyway, the problem is with the time na?

Thought about udal mannukku more than once. But do believe that you need a reasonably good male voice (which unlike the junta you and I are used to, can pronounce Tamil like it is meant to) to do that well.

Veena said...

BM dear: Go check your inbox. And then you will see why you have to very careful about what you ask for.

Udal mannukku is too much but the other (Aravind Swamy) poem in the same movie, the lesbian in me couldn't resist. Full entertainment last hour trying to explain that particular piece of poetry to Bill darling. Ofcourse man didn't realise it was gender specific and thought it was all super romantic etc. etc.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Ack!! Now look what you've done... can't get the song out of my head.