Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Round and round and round we go

"So we take A5 now?"


"On what?"

"On which way you want to go"

"Which way do you want to go?"

"You are the driver. You decide"

"What are my options?"

"There's this B road, B4391 or something which is shorter. However its a B road. There's this A road which is longer but you can probably get there faster"

"Do we know this for sure? Just because its an A doesn't mean anything"

"I don't know. Either way you have to go up and down these mountains"

"Shoot. Here's the roundabout. Decide now"

"You decide"

"Tell me which turn to take"

"I gave you all options right? You decide"

"Its midnight and its all your fault. You better decide now"


"We are there dammit. Decide. I have to take the turn"



"Why do you have to take the turn?"

"Is this some sort of a joke?"


"We don't have the time to decide"




"Its a roundabout"

"My point"

"So we do not have to make any turn and then turn back or anything"


"I can go round and round and we can take all the time in the world to decide"


"I love this country"

"I know"

And that is the story of how we cracked the roundabout question. Cool no? No? Okay, here's a Snowdonia preview then.

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