Thursday, May 03, 2007

Scenes from a Marriage: Early morning tiff

"Hey stay-at-home"


"Where is my lunch?"

"Your lunch? In the fridge, I suppose"

"You suppose? It should be in my bag, all packed"

"Since we do not have a house-elf, I believe you should be packing lunch and putting it in your bag"

"Well, my mom always packs lunch for my dad"

"So you are going to pack lunch for me from next week? Cool"

"Ha ha, very funny. That's what stay-at-homes do. If you stay at home, you pack my lunch. Period"


"Not really. Ideally, you are supposed to wake up at 6 and make idlis and sambar for breakfast in addition to lunch."

"Ah, I see"

"And what do you do instead? Sleep until 10 every morning"

"You are just jealous"

"Besides the point. You have to be a little useful atleast. Run along and pack lunch now"

"Your fault. You married all academic fellow. Unless you want a divorce now, you are stuck"

"So I should get a divorce?"

"Not if you get used to the idea that I am never going to make any money, or do anything you consider useful"

"You will make money one day, I know. You are just a long term investment. You will become all professor and we will live in a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean"

"We will what? If you want to delude yourself, go ahead. In our reality biased world though, professors do not live overlooking the ocean"

"Ofcourse they do. Here, look at these pictures"

"He just shot some random pictures from somewhere"

"I don't think so"

"Then he is not a real professor. What kind of professor lives in a place like that?"

"The real kind"

"There has to be an explanation"

"Yeah, next you will be telling me he works for the Hong Kong mafia"

"Don't be silly. Bongs don't do mafia. Too much work that"


"Wait, I know! That's what it is!"


"He has a partner with a real job..err..a job that pays"

"Yeah right"

"Of course. How else can you explain this? It all makes sense now. We Bongs know who to marry"


"We are good, I say. When are you getting a flat by the Thames again?"

PS: TR, don't mean to pick on you or anything, but seriously, there is no one else I can blame for this.


Tabula Rasa said...


talk about weird out of body experiences. like what i had while reading through this.

wait till i show this to (also-professor) tpb.

ps. you asked a bong to make idlis and sambhar? sheesh, no wonder. least you could have said was mangsher jhol.

lifestyle said...

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Bill said...

TR: Look what you have done now. She cannot stop talking about The House Of Profs TR and TPB!

Veena said...

TR: Mangsher jhol sounds good but I have been told again and again that the proper Bong breakfast is egg and toast along with tea. How original!
I will take idlis over bread anyday.

Tabula Rasa said...

so that gives you back the upperhand, right?

it's a question of incentives.

and both of you:
i'm on NO ONE's side, okay?