Monday, July 16, 2007


Space Bar, this one is for you! Forgot to post this somehow - picture taken in Gamla Stan in Stockholm a few weeks go. (SB: I still get the book, don't I?)

And we went and watched the Harry Potter movie last night. I watch all new HPs mostly because I think its funny to watch all these British actors taking their roles so seriously, without a trace of condescension. Latest additions being Imelda Staunton and Helena Bonham Carter. (AO Scott said this somewhere recently but I can't find the link and anyway, he didn't think it was funny, he thought it was a good thing!) This particular movie did have one more thing going for it - two very lovely night shots of the London skyline and the Thames. I mean, it takes some talent to make the skyline of this city look good, no?

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Space Bar said...

OMG!!!!! you totally get the book, and the xeorx copy of the book i made when i was in college! may i save this one?

i feel like jumping up and down on my son's trampoline and to hell with the dignity thing.

i've just returned from watching HP5. will post about it tomorrow, esp one terribly exciting, and i'm sure thought-out bit of prefiguring for DH that's not in the book! yippee!