Saturday, July 28, 2007

A little bit of pink

Yesterday was my last day at work[1]. They got me some thoughtful farewells gifts - very much so as I have spent hardly six months in this office on this side of the pond. These include a Bitesnich travel photography book, a Lonely Planet travel journal and a couple of candles. As you can see, this also includes a bright pink, leather, DG luggage tag. Yes, I was supposed to be grateful and all but I had to ask. So I walked over to the office manager who obviously picked up these things from Selfridges.

"A, can I ask you something? I really love these books but I have to ask you this"


"Do you associate me with this color?"

"No, but there's a little bit of pink in everybody"

Ah! I see. Now when you see a red suitcase in the carousel with a bright pink tag with my name on it, you know who to blame. Must say that if there's a little bit of pink in me, I'd rather it manifest itself on a suitcase than on anything else. This way, I will be done with my little bit of pink.

[1] Yes, I quit my job. Needless to say, Bill hasn't been very happy about this but more about that later


Falstaff said...

Ah, insert obligatory joke about pink slips.

Also, "there's a little bit of pink in everybody" - somewhere the ghost of Senator McCarthy is nodding his head sagely.

Tabula Rasa said...

woo hoo. happy nothingness.

speaking of 'pink', celebrate the void with this little story. new zealand, christchurch. lunch interval at a one day game. they're playing this little contest with random people picked from the crowd, one of which involves shooting a ball in the air from a bowling machine at one end of the field, for the chosen monkeys to try and catch.

the first few catches thrown out are fairly straightforward ones. third or fourth up is a young man named scotty, who'd been leading till then, and giving a few angles. just for him they shoot the ball high, high up, and about thirty yards from where he's standing. he makes a desperate sprint but can't get to it.

voice from behind us: "aye, poor scotty sure hed all 'is punk buts henging out then, diddne?"

The Black Mamba said...
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