Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Part 2 (by popular demand)

Cat: You aren't going to like this. I decided to go with reality. Too much pain to make up stuff.

Dades Gorge, Morocco. The sun is slowly going down. MR and I were staying in a hotel inside the gorge that night. A narrow river by the side of the hotel and some super cool mountains on the other side of the river.

"Dude the mountains on the other side are cool. They have these canyon like things"


"We have to get to the other side of the river"

"I know. I will get some really cool pictures"

"Lets walk by the river, we should be able to cross somewhere"

"Okay. But I don't think there's a way to get down to the bank"

"There has to be. Here. There's a ladder here. Lets go down this incline"

"Yeah, this is where they throw the kitchen trash from the hotel. Where are you going?"

"It will get us to the bank"

Five minutes later we are next to the river. It doesn't look too deep. Just a few metres to the other side. Yeah okay, it didn't even look like a river. More like a mountain stream.

"You think we can walk across?"

"Ofcourse not. It might be deep in the middle"

"Lets walk by the bank to see if there's a bridge somewhere"

"Hey, isn't that the Japanese girl who was in the bus with us?"

"Yeah man. How did she get to the other side?"

"I don't know. Did you talk to her? Apparently she travels all over the world by herself. Cool na?"

"Not that cool also. She used to travel with a friend but friend got married, so she travels alone"

"Full story you got"

"Of course. If she's on the other side, there has to be a bridge. Lets go"

A few minutes later we see our bridge. A tree stump from the other side that extends to just about a metre from where we are. The last metre is a little dicey - another very narrow log from our bank extends nearly to the big log; I say nearly because right before it meets the bridge log, it branches into two and these two narrowest logs go on to join the "proper" bridge. (MR, where is the "£$%^&* picture when I need one? You are the photographer, remember?)

"You think we can go?"

"Yeah, you go first"

"You think it will hold my weight?"

"Of course. They have this log so that people can cross over"

"Hmm...I want to. But with wallet, passport, camera and all it might not be a good idea, no? What if they get wet?"

"Of course that's what you are worried about"

"Look, that Japanese girl is looking at us. We have to cross now"

"She is asking us to cross"

"Maybe we should ask her to come to the big log and give us a hand"

"What? No way man. That's so silly. She will think we are some idiots"

"Yeah but if we stand here for an hour pondering about this, she will think we are into metaphysics"

"Why don't you go first?"

"I have the big camera"

"Of course"

"How will we ever tell people we didn't cross a silly stream? Such beautiful mountains too!"

"We won't tell people"

"When is this appearing on your blog again?"

"That's also there. If only we can get someone to give us a hand"

"I am sure we can find some kid who will do that for a buck or something"

"I wish Bill was here"

"Yes, then he has no choice but to cross and help us over, and we don't even have to pay him a buck. That's what husbands are for"

"Obviously. Even better for you na? He will give you a hand and you aren't even married to him"

"Yes, this is why you should travel with your friends' husbands"

"Yeah but the point is he is not here and its pretty clear that neither of us is going to attempt this"

"Yes, lets go. Just don't go about telling people"

"I will try"


Gallno, Stockholm archipelago. A month later. Read this first.

"You think there are life jackets inside that hood?"

"Hmm...there is a broken plastic can inside. I wonder what they use that for"

"To get the water out of the boat"


"So you want to go?"

"Well, what is there in that island?"

"More pine forests"

"So there's nothing new?"

"Not that I know of. But it will be nice to row there"

"I know"

Five minutes later.


"So what?"

"Why are we standing here?"

"I am wearing sneakers"

"That's a sad reason. You can take my sandals. They will fit you"

"I guess. So you are not coming?"

"I didn't cross a bloody 3 metre stream. What makes you think I am going to do this?"

"We have a boat"

"What if one of those speedboats go by and we topple over? I am not going in without a life jacket. And anyway, someone needs to be here to call 911. Or whoever"

"Its not a big deal"

"I know. Get in, and I will push the boat out"

"What? You want to me go by myself now?"

"I thought it wasn't a big deal"

"Yes, you want me to die only!"

"But why are you afraid of dying? Didn't that walk on water guy you were following teach you not to be? Heaven awaits you, my son"

"Oh shut up. I don't understand why you can't row a few metres"

"Can you understand why you can't?"

"Who said I can't?"

Motu sits down on a tree stump. Pulls out camera and shoots randomly. Chotu pretends to tinker with the boat. A few speedboats and canoes pass by.

"When is the ferry?"

"6.30. But we can flag others"

"Yes, and I can watch you flip out when a couple of them do not stop"

"I thought you said they always stop"

"See what I mean"

Chotu walks up a mound and does some surverying. Yes, the real thing. Stand in one place. Measure. Go to another place. Figure out angle. Calculate distance.

Finally comes back down and taps the sides of the boat. Another ten minutes have gone by.

"So lets go. We have to catch the ferry"

"What's wrong with the boat?"

"I think there's a leak. Which is why they have this plastic can"

"Did you find the leak?"

"Do you want to miss the ferry?"

When we got back to the yacht bay, the suicidal woman was nowhere to be seen. All the the boats have also seem to have left for some reason. Someone left this behind though[1].

The walk back has been generally quiet. We entered the thick forest. Somewhere in the middle, pitch dark, no sun, Chotu finally decides to speak.



"This is not going on the blog, is it?"

"Of course not. How mean do you think I am?"

[1] No MR. This is not that deserted beach.


Cheshire Cat said...

I liked it. I always like these conversational pieces. I've wondered whether the conversations really do happen, but perhaps it's better not to know..

Veena said...

Cat: Glad you like! Yeah, they are mostly true with some embellishments all over. The funny thing is when I go back and read some of these conversations, I am convinced that they happened verbatim which when I really think about is not entirely true.

Tabula Rasa said...

i've wondered about these conversations :-) i'd have been *extremely* surprised if they were verbatimly accurate.

Tabula Rasa said...

ps. and impressed.

The Black Mamba said...

cat, tr: with the characters in question, I am pretty sure this is very close to verbatim.

This being one of the great pleasures of travelling with them. :)

veena said...

TR: Well, they are not that far off actually. BM, I know tries some interesting experiments once in a while in figuring out which ones are verbatim and which ones are not.

BM: Thats why you turn down every opportunity to travel with them. Yes, we know.

Tabula Rasa said...

okay, i'm surprised and impressed.

Veena said...

TR: Anything to impress you Professor.

Tabula Rasa said...

okay, fisk falsie's next post :-D

Veena said...

TR: Demanding idea alright but did you see his latest post? The word doesn't bloody exist and therefore it follows that everything about the affliction is false and made up. Done. Impressed? :)

Falsie: Please go fight with the Professor if you have a problem with this ok? It ain't my fault.

Tabula Rasa said...

hey that's not a fisk, it's a dismissal!

poor guy packs his disks in styrofoam 'fore he puts on aftershave
to compensate for his ordinary shoes

MR said...

All certified as true. I'm glad people are impressed though ... given that all the conversation shows is that we're a couple of spineless wimps who can't ford one little raging mountain stream. But I'm not complaining.

Also, Veena - pls note common link in BM's refusals to go on trips. As far as I can see, you seem to be the one she's avoiding...

Cheshire Cat said...

Moral of the story is that the best reason for getting married: the repartee.

Veena said...

TR: Oh no! Here I am thinking I am going to get extra credits!

MR: Not you, the Prof is not impressed with you. Just with me, sometimes Bill too but thats because he dare not say that he is not impressed with his Bong brother

Well, surely it depends on what she gets as compensation for putting up with us. Which I guess is best discussed over email!

Cat: Yeah, if one has to get married anyway, that's probably the best criterion. I have a feeling that BM might agree too. However, one doesn't need to get married for that alone. Our conversations have always been like this, yes, a little more comfortable over time but nothing to do with marriage.

Tabula Rasa said...

full disclosure: i'm sure if bill was as good at reporting entire swathes of funny conversations verbatim i'd be impressed with him as well.