Monday, October 15, 2007

More pinkness

If a consenting adult is not readily available, most women would just go with the vibrator. Serves the purpose and all. But we bloggers take this to a different level. I am cool. I am a thinker. I want to be mean to someone. I rock. Hmm. Yes, Tags! Awards! Thinking blogger! Rocker blogger! Whatever.


Driver of 6216 TX: You rock. You really do. If I had a Rocking Girl Cab Driver award, I would give it to you. No other cab driver would have come back to Michigan and Lake on Friday afternoon looking for the passenger who left her wallet in the cab. I mean, if I was a cab driver and this random Indian woman had left her pink, as-heavy-as-a-briefcase wallet in my cab, I would have just thrown it on the lake while cruising on Lake Shore Drive.

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