Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick notes from Chicago

My mother used to experiment with various things in our balcony back home. After trying all sorts of things, she finally settled on mint a few years ago. It is the freshest and tastiest mint in the world - those of you who have tasted my pudina pulao or Bill's mojitos know what I am talking about. Anyway, what I was going to say was whenever I go home the day I get there just goes away in a blur. The next morning I wake up usually jetlagged, get out of bed and open the door out to the balcony to look at how the mint is doing. That's when the feeling of home comes in. Not quite but close enough experience this Monday as I walked out of the hotel and (after nearly a year) ran along the lake. Needless to say, its lovely to be back.


As always, its the people. The Nigerian cab driver (I always get them and they all love me. I am sure I have a Nigerian cab driver fan club somewhere in the city) who really really wanted to know why Indian men never date black women. Or the doorman at A & J's apartment who let me in at 6.45 AM when I told him that I just came from London and wanted to surprise my friends who had no idea I was here. Such nice people. I mean, who else believes stories like this? Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the people I call my friends who weren't exactly happy when I nearly knocked their door down trying to wake them up.


Movie time. I served the King of England and Jellyfish, both as part of the Chicago Film Festival. Loved the first. Jiri Menzel turned up for the Q&A session which was really cool. But people, just one request: maybe its not a great idea to practice your Czech especially when there's an interpreter around. And when its like midnight already and some of us have a 7 AM training session the next morning. We are here to hear the man, not to hear you messing up the language.

Jellyfish was okay, details were awesome but didn't feel like they had it all together. Can't complain though as the only reason I went to see it was for the Keret association. BM, I hope you are appropriately jealous

Today, I want to go see Lumet's Before the Devil Knows You're Dead but Space Bar wants me to go listen to István Szabó. What should I do?


Apparently, the Chicago film festival is not an acceptable reason for why you don't want to go to the team bowling event. So I had to go with the bridal shower. Everyone was ooh ahh needless to say. Some people. Well.


Falstaff said...

Szabo. You can always watch Before the Devil knows some other time. Don't know about London but it should be playing in select theaters across the US in a couple of weeks.

Cheshire Cat said...

Ah, but what did you tell the cab-driver?

Veena said...

Falstaff: Thats what I had decided but didn't get around to do anything. Bloody consultants and their team building nonsense.

Cat: What did I tell him? About how all Indian men are racists and spineless bastards who only listen to their mom etc. etc. :)

Cheshire Cat said...

All I can say is: he just doesn't know the right Indian men...

blackmamba said...

like the "padam" tag.

no booker updates yet?

Space Bar said...

wait. you mean after all that work you made me do looking through the entire schedule, you didn't watch anything i suggested?!

are you at least going to (have watched. i'm confused about dates now) Frozen in London or no?

Veena said...

Am back! Am back!

Cat: If you say so :)

BM: Will come up. With so many other posts. Better late than never

SB: I watched I served the King of England, Jellyfish and Michael Clayton. All three were on your list. (Yes, Miss, I did my homework. I swear)

Frozen and Four Women happening soon. Persepolis will happen if I can bunk work. It at 3 pm on a wednesday afternoon but hey, there's a reason why I work on leicester sq!

Space Bar said...

you saw the clooney...sigh. and tell about the films! what is the meaning of this!

Preeti said...

give news? how was trip?

btw, can I show off saying I saw persepolis at the film festival in Istanbul, at a midnight sold-out screening, after a random consultant team-building event .. such dedication :)