Sunday, January 06, 2008

Campaign comedy

Times reports on the momentum in New Hampshire:

“If I’ve got the American people behind me, I fear no man,” Senator
Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois told hundreds of supporters at a morning rally.

Does anyone else have this vision of Hillary Clinton dismounting from Windfola, taking off her helmet, letting her hair down, and in her best Shieldmaiden of Rohan imitation going:

"But no living man am I! You look upon a woman!"

(Yeah okay, for you illiterate Peter Jackson fans, that is "I am no man!")

? No? Really? Must be just me then.


Falstaff said...

Hmmm...have vision of Bill (Clinton, not yours) as Theoden, Lewinsky as Wormtongue and Bush as Saruman. And John Edwards could be a horse. Not sure I approve of Obama being made a Nazgul though. I kind of like the guy.

Anoop said...

Letting what hair down? You speak of the glorious past I suppose:

60s Clintons

Veena said...

Falstaff: Esp like the John Edwards as horse idea.

And oh, its just the dialogue why I said that - def do not approve of Obama being a Nazgul. Policies aside, a most likeable person he is. I mean, when this guy was not even a blip in the national scene, we of the city by the lake used to refer to him as the future president.

Anoop: Oh yes, past alright. The third age of the world or something like that.

CrazyDiamond said...

heheheh that image...yes yes...well now that is. Although a crying Shieldmaiden of Rohan more like.