Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thankame neeyum thamizhpaatum padu...

(Apologies to non-Tamizh readers)

Because of a frustrating conversation with a proud puritan yesterevening. And no offence to Thiagarajar groupies. Seriously. Please to dismiss me as a member of the "thalaya aattum puriyadha kootam".


Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised how many established singers mispronounce Thyagaraja's lyrics. Music isn't all about the ragas, right, isn't it also about the lyrics? How can people sing without understanding the meaning?

Veena said...

Lekhni: Hello there!

Yeah, I hate it when singers mispronounce words esp when they are native speackers of the language.
And agree. Music is all about ragas as long as one isn't singing - but once you start singing you better know what it means.