Friday, March 13, 2009

Telly question

Hey TV-watchers,

Would very much appreciate it if anyone could let me know if there's a better newsman on TV right now. I might end up buying one to watch.



Anoop said...

I agree! I watch Stewart most weeknights on Miro, and their 480p content looks good enough on my 22" display. No TV required. Check out Miro. You can even watch Barack Obama's weekly address and TED Talks videos on it.

P said...

Bill Maher. I won't say he is better because it will be difficult for me to pick a favorite between him and Jon Stewart.

Veena said...

Anoop: Miro? Will check out. Though a number of these things don't seem to work from the UK.

P: Yeah, I have watched Maher a couple of times but somehow never warmed up to him. He seemed more of a least common denominator type actually. Maybe should watch more.

blackmamba said...

If you are watching more, def. add Rachel Maddow to your list.