Saturday, March 28, 2009

The road goes ever on and on...

...And we shall follow, as much as we can.

Off, finally off in a few hours. Chotu, Motu and BM are off. Mostly following on the trailblazing footsteps of the Prof[1] and then some more. Also there's a probability of some medical tourism happening which obviously we are hoping to avoid but who knows? There might be a story in there.

Be back after Easter with lots of stories. Ta ta.

[1] You would have to go to like July 2007 and start reading from there if you are interested. Else, a pdf can be made available for a nominal fee though it might not be exactly legal.


blewgenes said...

i heard that the trip was canceled just a few hours before the flight took off...with a few grand $$ going down the drain and a little soul on the pacific having a heartattack :-) is it still on?

draame-baazi seems to be on track as usual !

blackmamba said...

As they say, story mein Drama hai, Action hai, Suspense hai.. and all this before the trip even began! Wish us luck gentlefolk!

Space Bar said...

this medical tourism thing does not sound good. but of course it will make for excellent copy.

good luck, you guys!

Veena said...

People - wait wait drama is not over yet. Still at gatwick. New drama begins - I can fly home from Dubai!

Szerelem said...

oh god - go away. SO jealous.

??! said...

What, what? Updates!

You are jealous? You are jealous?? After spending a whole frikkin' month traipsing round Asia, you dare to claim jealousy??!

Just you wait, you're spending next winter in this country na? That'll show you.

Tabula Rasa said...

come on people -- DETAILS, please.