Friday, March 27, 2009

Today's question

How long does BM think it will take her to clear immigration and get out of airport (Beijing Capital if you are interested)?

A. 30 minutes
B. 1.5 hour
C. 2.5 hours
D. 3 days
E. Forever

Hint 1: She is flying from San Francisco, so apparently the flight will be packed. I have no idea what this has got to do with anything but you might find this useful.

Hint 2: She also thinks that the airport staff at Beijing will be very inefficient.

Hint 3: She is bringing a notepad and pencil. To communicate.


Fëanor said...

When are you guys heading off? Have a good trip!

Space Bar said...

Oh good! BM is going to begin her graphic novel from the minute she lands. Joy!

Falstaff said...

Such a typically Western way of looking at things.

One never really clears immigration. Airports return like the seasons and time is a country which we are allowed to enter but to which we cannot belong.

??! said...

First TR, now you guys. China should start offering special rates for Indian bloggers.

Veena said...

Feanor: In a few hours! Thanks.
If Angad wants to put in an order for a dragon, now is the time. Bill has already promised SB's kid a Chinese Fireball. (Yes, I am hoping that perhaps the man can make a career out of taming dragons considering how useless he is at other things)

SB: All she has to do is put together the sketches she uses to communicate and the book is done. But this is if she gets out of the airport. She doesn't think so and Falsie seems to agree as well.

Falsie: Now I know where she got the idea from.

??!: I think they do. If you say TR's name in certain parts of the country, its like magic. Well, at least with the tour people.