Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The H vs. The Ex

The H word is everywhere. It lurks below the surface of every conversation, ready to make its appearance at the first possible opportunity.

"Do you have these turtlenecks in red? I am looking for one for my err..friend."

"You are having a party this Saturday? Great. I might be able to make it. Let me check with my um..Bill. He is coming to Chicago tomorrow."

"Yes aunty, we just got back. How is my who? Oh..him. He is fine."

"For Prague, yes, two people. Me and my um...fellow traveler."

"This is Bill, my mm...uh..weekend roomie."

So you see why I have been looking for a replacement. A word, that is. And I am happy to announce to the world that the word has been found. It wanted to be found of course, it has a mind of its own. It sounds nice, is cool and pretty accurate. Over the past week, I have tried it everywhere - I can say it so easily and it clicks with other people. The search is over. And I am going to celebrate. With my ex-boyfriend. He is in town this weekend.


Falstaff said...

tch! tch! such denial. An h. by any other name...

meditativerose said...

hmm ... most people just go with 'chunnu ke papa'
think parents would approve as well ;)

Veena said...

Falstaff: That's what it has come to - Denial or Divorce. And yeah, the H by any other name would still be a jobless Phd student with no money.

Hey Babli ki ma(or is that Fermina Daza ki ma?): Chunnu? CHUNNU? What do you think I am? Punju?

Falstaff said...

Veena: What's wrong with jobless PhD students with no money. Widely acknowledged to be the finest people in the world, I assure you.

Oh, and given that if that potential jr. is going to be half bong I wouldn't dismiss chunnu too quickly if I were you. There are worse nicknames.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

'Avar'nnu sollu! Idhu yennai maadern ponnu madiri baayfriendnu sollare? Shiva shiva

Veena said...

Falstaff: If these are the finest in the world, no wonder there is no hope for the world.

Yeah, like gollu. Arrghh. Though Chunnu or Gollu is better than calling a kid Promoetheus. But why the hell are we talking about names for hypothetical kids? MR, its all your fault!

SF: Abacharam, Abacharam. Inimay 'avar'unnadhan solluven. Mannichudunga shoe.

Seriously though, I do feel hazaar awkward when all these uncles and aunts(not to mention 70 year old grandmoms) ask me 'avar eppadi irukkanga?'. How do you reply then? My parents are so chill with 'avan' but the rest of them are a little too much.

Falstaff said...

Veena: No, no, you've got that backwards. It's because they know (being the finest) that there is no hope for the world that they're jobless PhDs. Why work hard when the world is going to hell anyway?

Why would anyone name their child Prometheus? And have him called Promo for the rest of his life? Personally, I would go with Trismegistus. Such a noble name!

The Black Mamba said...

'avar eppadi irukkanga?'

you pseud!

avar eppadi irukkaar?
avanga eppadi irukkanga?


btw, don't you have a tradition to follow? with names like titloo in the family?

¡Ja ja ja ja ja!

The Black Mamba said...

thinging oaf tradeetion...

< in thick mallu accent >
how can you not be inspired by all those years in god's own country?
< /in thick mallu accent>

how about

bride + bill + mon/mol = bribimon

or, veena + ex + mon/mol = veexmol (- sounds like a laxative, no?) lol!!!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Veena - Easy! Split personality! when with the sherpa I am all 'va da po da' and when with family I have a little switch that goes on. Then it's avar all the way! It takes time.

Da Black Mamba - Veexmol? Yeggselent!

Ravages said...

After a really long, long day at the office this is so frigging what I needed. A belly-laugh

Promo as a name sounds cool to me. Very cool infact. Me liking much it. (But then, I am the one called Ravages, so perhaps a pinch of salt)

veexmol: more like paracetemol. So not laxative. analgesic/whatever

shub said...