Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wedding Bells Part 2: The Arranged Route

Part 1 here.

S called last Saturday, bright and early Pacific time.

Moi: Hello?

S: You still sleeping?

Moi: What? At this time? I woke up, read for sometime, then I went to the gym, attended two classes, did groceries and now I am back at home cooking.

S: Great. I wish I am as motivated as you are. I can't seem to do anything right.

Moi: If it makes you feel better, I am still in bed. So what are you upto?

S: Oh okay. I came to work to finish up this thing I am working on. I am going to LA this afternoon.

Moi: LA? How come?

S: My sister's flying down too. To meet this guy.

Moi: What guy?

S: He came here last week. He is nice and stuff.

Moi: Really?

S: Yeah, so I figured I will go see him this week. Also get sis to meet him.

Moi: So you like this guy?

S: What do you mean like this guy? He sounds all sensible. I said Yes.

Moi: What?

S: Yes, that's why sis has to meet him now.

Moi: Hang on. Back up now. You met this guy over a weekend and decided to get married to him?

S: We have been mailing each other for sometime. So it is not just a weekend thing.

Moi: But how? How can you do this? You know nothing about this guy.

S: Not true. You are just mad because you I didn't tell you.

Moi: That too. Actually, good point. Why haven't I heard about this?

S: Because I did not any want input.

Moi: Wow, that makes me feel so much better.

S: No, seriously. I wanted to make this decision by myself. If I start talking to people, you all will come up with hazaar questions and issues.

Moi: Right. So the solution is not to raise any issues at all. Awesome.

S: Stop being mad. There are no issues here, okay?

Moi: Okay fine. So tell me about this guy.

S: He is a couple of years older and he sounds very mature.

Moi: Hmm..

S: Which I think is what I want. Something clicked between us, so I said Yes.

Moi: Okay...

S: He is quite independent too. Think he will help out with cooking and housework.

Moi: Really? How nice.

S: Yes. Cut that sarcasm, will you? It is not a given, not in arranged marriages at least.

Moi: If you say so.

S: And he's lived in different places though he is from a small town. Just like me.

Moi: Okay.

S: So the wedding will be in May sometime.

Moi: Oh cool. So he lives in LA?

S: Yes. Don't think I will move there anytime soon. Not this year for sure. He sounds very supportive about my career.

Moi: Really?

S: Yeah. He is very serious about his career too. So he told me its upto me what I want to do.

Moi: Oh..

S: What are you mumbling?

Moi: Nothing.

S: Go on, tell me.

Moi: Well, I was thinking that I wouldn't marry anyone who tells me that it is upto me.

S: Yeah?

Moi: First of all, someone who would be okay with me sitting at home is someone I would definitely not want to marry.

S: That's you. My priorities might be different. It might change.

Moi: Obviously. And second, ofcourse it is upto me what I want to do. How stupid is someone telling me that?

S: See, see why I did not talk to you before. Listen, this is an arranged marriage. We have to talk about all this so that our expectations are clear.

Moi: Of course.

S: Why? Why can't you be positive about this?

Moi: But I am. I have enough faith in your judgement to be extremely positive about this. Its your priorities that I have a problem with. But I can do nothing about that, can I?

S: Nope. People are different. And it is time for you to grow up.

Moi: Yep. So when do you have to leave?

S: I need to leave now actually. Will talk to you after I get back tomorrow evening.

Moi: Okay

S: Bye then

Moi: Hey S..

S: Yeah

Moi: Congratulations.

S: Thanks, I thought you will never get to it.


Swathi said...

this was even more funny than the first part n i am thinking if i do the same with my frends, they wud take the next flight to India just to hit me black n blue :)

Emma said...

Wow! honestly, like you I can't imagine how people can get married to absolute "strangers" just like that :)