Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Have you hugged your grad student today?

"M took Sandy to Miami last weekend. She didn't know anything about it. He just came home and told her to pack and get to the airport."

"Thats nice. Was it her b'day?"

"B'day? Of course not. So like you not to know anything about this."


"And A, you remember A? She threw this huge surprise party for Banker yesterday."

"You guys had fun?"

"Yes, until someone reminded me that I was the only one who doesn't get appreciated."

"You don't get what?"

"Appreciated. Actually I've got news for you. People do appreciate me. BM called and wished me and stuff. She said she was glad to have me as her friend."

"Good for you. Now tell me what this is all about."

"And you don't even pay for one lousy dinner. Monday night at Geja's I thought you would pay."

"You want me to pay for your dinner now?"

"That's the least you could do. Show some appreciation. If nothing else, I do your laundry when I am there, don't I?"

"Okay, I appreciate you. Will that do?"

"NO! No point talking to you. I gotta go now. I am going to meet Jorge. He will understand."

"Jorge who?"

"That phd comics dude. He is in CMU today for a book signing as part of this appreciation week."

"What week?"

"It took you like 5 days to ask me that? Grad student appreciation week. What did you think it was?"

"There's a grad student appreciation week?"

"Of course there is. We need appreciation."

"That you most definitely do. And I have no reason to believe you won't appreciate. As I keep telling you, you are a long term investment."

"Yeah, go make me one of your mutual funds now. Next you will have a morningstar rating for me. Anyway, that's all you care about. The only time you were nice to me last week was when you discovered that you were going to get more money back if we do married, filing jointly."

"No, I always knew it. It was the only thing on the benefit side of my cost benefit analysis for marriage."

"What about laundry? And all those darn dishes you make me wash everytime I am there?"

"Okay, that too. Is there a domestic help appreciation week?"

"Very funny."

"Okay don't be mad. I am sorry. I didn't know about this appreciation week. Now that I know, I will make sure you feel appreciated."


"Of course. I am not that mean also?"



"So what will you do?"

"Well..I will go and buy the pinkest, sappiest Hallmark card that says that you are the bestest grad student I have ever known and send it over."



meditativerose said...

Two questions:
- If one feeds one's grad student does one still need to appreciate him?
- If one has more than one grad student, is it ok to just appreciate one of them, and leave the others to mope by themselves (since they seem happiest doing that anyway)?

Ravages said...

LOL at the whole post. But MR's comment - cracking. ROTFLMAO.

Falstaff said...

Veena: Wait. It's grad student appreciation week?

MR: Honey, first catch your grad student. We all know which grad student you'd like to be appreciating, but I'm not sure you have him, exactly.

Veena said...

MR: Na, if you feed a grad student, you do not have to do anything else. It is the epitome of appreciation.

Also methinks whether you have a grad student or not, you should let antisocial elements mope by themselves. Esp when they wax eloquently on their blogs about how happy they are left alone.

Ravages: Keep laughing. Its food for your health :)

Falstaff: Apparently, different schools havce it at different weeks in April. CMU has it this week.

Falstaff said...

veena: Isn't waxing eloquent while moping a contradiction in terms? Moping is defined as being in an abstract, listless state, unable to rise to action or interact with others. You can't write long, eloquent posts if you're moping.

Swathi said...

a nice way to get appreciated :))
i think this day shud b made official throughout the world...

Neela said...

falstaff, you miserable fellow, appreciate me. i demand dinner. NOW. or at least free coffee from your department?


Falstaff said...

neela: any time. Any day you're not running off to that hubby of yours in NYC.