Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dude, weather God, go get a life or something, will you?

SB says its raining in Hyderabad. Amma says its worse than Thulavarsham back home and there is no electricity. Don answers his phone from Cholaland bemoaning the loss of the March crop because of the flooding. Times claims that in Missouri, the water is rising. And in London, it is snowing over Easter weekend.


Szerelem said...

Global warming no??

Tabula Rasa said...

my weekend went: bright sun - 8" snow - bright sun.

word verif: "punjgurl". you don't say!

Anonymous said...

man, you took the chicago weather along man. or did the visitors bring them along?

meanwhile, the sun shines on in the Gubernator's own country. we could use some of that precipitation ourselves.

Space Bar said...

you know, these scientists need to come up with another term to describe this phenomenon. somehow, calling snow and rain global 'warming' doesn't cut any, um, ice.

Tabula Rasa said...

have you ever tried cutting ice? you have to warm it up first, with the tip of your shovel.

Fëanor said...

Erm, was it very cold in London? (Okay, low blow. A bit smarmily I must point out that we were sunning it in pink Marrakech where it was a salubrious twenty-five degrees and sunny. But we got back today and immediately froze like the boy from Quebec. Do I get any sympathy for that? :-) )

Veena said...

Szerelem / SB: Its called climate change.

TR: What did you do? Flew to Michigan from sunny California and back?

And arrgh. Though you know, less gross than "bonggurl".

Feanor: No, no sympathy at all. No wonder we got no sun here. Someone needs to teach the sun to be fair and all.

Did you get outside town at all? Not a big fan of Marrakech but liked everything around it! And also, (this should belong over there at your blog but I am too lazy) moi too also ran into Bowles chap ka book in Marrakech. In some cafe in Ville Nouveau. Man seems to be popular eh?

Fëanor said...

Veena: I suspect that les Marocains are keeping a sharp lookout for anything that even tangentially references their country. (And for crime fiction. There was a neat lineup of Lawrence Block and Robert Crais in our riad.)

Didn't venture out of Marrakech, no. But I doubt I'll go back there. Was Fes any better?

Veena said...

Fëanor: Fes was slightly less touristy and there was no comedy like that huge square but it was more or less the same. But must say that once you venture outside of the cities the country get much more interesting. Merzouga in the South and Chefchaouen in the North esp.