Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Wolfie darling, its not like we have to do this for a living. Bapi could be making £3000 a year just teaching

"Now Bill, enough. Get these things packed. We are already late. Do you know how much I had to beg that old man at the Leicester Sq tube to let us have his place today?"

Obviously, no one can compete with Mr. Lehrer but if anyone wants to have a go, go ahead. Attempt a caption for this and the distant second prize winner shall get a private dinner with BM[1] next time he/she is in San Francisco at a restaurant of my choice. Oh, and bonus points if you guess what the coffee ring thingie is. (Certain people barred from bonus points contest)

[1] Who needless to say, we have to thank for this masterpiece. Tell her that we are three short of a string quartet and she comes with the most brilliant of solutions. Triplets. Of course. Why didn't we think of it before? And then she goes ahead and does a xkcd on them. With friends like this, who needs moms?


Anonymous said...

wait a minute. weren't the triplets your idea. I just put them to good use.

Besides, won't you introduce the young ladies?

and a restaurant of your choice?

what? you are preeti now?

Space Bar said...

so this is how you induce schizophrenia, hanh? by putting a pink bow on luddo's head? who thought up names? the tour manager?

Anonymous said...

space bar, schizo is the least/We have to dread from man or beast.

Anonymous said...

man or beast

oops, I meant to say, bill or veena. thank you.

this channeling auden stuff does not come naturally to some...

Falstaff said...

veena: I don't know what you're being so gleeful about. Aren't you the one making the desperate calls for help, drowning yourself in drink and, when all else fails, tying a noose around your neck?

Talk about being drawn and quartetered.

P.S. why do I have the unhappy feeling that this quartet of yours is playing an arrangement of 'We are Family' for strings?

Veena said...

BM: What is there to introduce? Its all very obvious no? Girly girl (slightly deaf), boyy girl and normal girl. Maybe a post about our evil experiments might be nice...what say?

SB: Arey, schizo only if there is only one. Oh, BM did have this last minute change of heart and she sent me a picture with Luddo & Johu reversed as she felt was all conscious of apna-man-in-hyd ka feelings. Needless to say, that picture didn't make it

Ya ya, if I had let one of you think of names it would be Ukro-Hungarian composers that no one would know (n!: you around to back me up on this?)

BM: Yeah take training from Falsie next time

Falstaff: No, I try all that and when it doesn't work I give up and agree to be tour manager. If you can't beat them etc.

From where I am now, "We are Family" would be a major improvement. It is that bad. If you were here, there will be blood.

Space Bar said...

now all falsie has to decide is which one of the three kids he likes least and name it after speechifying conductors. revenge will be sweet (this is what delayed gratification sounds like).