Friday, December 26, 2008

I married an alcoholic

(And I hacked into her account to post this. Conversation from yesternight. Mum, if you are reading this - CS types can break into computers, sometimes. Proof that the last twelve years were not completely wasted.)

"Uh, hey"


"who has been googling for amoxycillin and vodka?"

"If it's not you, it must be me no?"

"You do know you can't have alcohol while you are on antibiotics, right?"

"I do know"

"Now. After googling for it. Frankly, I am surprised you can think of drinks, given how out of it you were with painkillers and steroids and what not..."

"Ever consider why I was so out of it?"


"Because I couldn't have my gin and tonic"



"That's it. We have to call Alcoholics Anonymous now"

"Go away"

People, please help.

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Veena said...

Bill darling, you really want your mum to find out that you married an alcoholic? Even in the deepest of alcoholic stupors, I wouldn't dream of such a thing. And you claim to be sober. What is one to do with you?