Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You Never Know What You Find in a Book

Chap named Henry Alford on the Times a few days ago on the stuff, yeah stuff that people store / find in books. Nothing to post about except that Bill found something in a book yesterday that was quite funny.

At the Marylebone library. Bill, in Science. Moi in History.

"Hey, come here no?"


"Found something"


"See this book here?"

"The Dawkins?"

"Yeah. Guess what is in it?"

"Dawkins speak"

"No, what else could be in it?"

"How do I know?"

"Tan..tan..tang" (That's Bill's suspense music. Don't ask)


Ludwig said...

> "Tan..tan..tang"
> (That's Bill's suspense
> music.

He's right.

Veena said...

Luddo: I'd have thought you would know this by now but doesn't look at it. So let me spell it out for you: Bill is never right.